How to Start a Website – The Easy Way!

Build a Website - Start HereFirst you will need to decide on what type of website you want.  What will you use the site for?

  • To promote your business
  • To sell your products or services
  • To sell other peoples products or services
  • For non-profit such as a church or charitable organization
  • Just for fun or as a hobby

If your new site will not be just for fun and you are serious about it then those free sites where everything is provided for you are not recommended.

Next you’ll need to decide if you want to make your website yourself or you want to hire someone else to do it.  Even if you plan to hire someone I suggest that you learn, at least, the basics of doing it yourself.

This will assure that if you need to make a quick change or update to your site that you are able to do so.  Also, if you hire someone you’ll want to know what you are talking about.  You want to be sure that Continue reading

What is WordPress?

WordPress ExplanationWhat is WordPress? I get asked this question quite often.   WordPress is an easy way for the average person to create their own blog or website without becoming a web developer or learn lots of code.  It’s actually a piece of free software and once it’s installed your site is, pretty much, built for you.   You can also modify the look and design of the site again without messing with the code.

Due to the fact that it’s free and easier to use than just about any other type of web design software it’s become incredibly popular.   According to the creators of WordPress there are over 25 million WordPress sites online today.

One of the great benefits of using WordPress is the ability to switch themes.  By changing theme you can instantly change the entire look, colors, and fonts of your website with one click.  And there are literally thousands of themes that you can get for free.

There are even premium themes that you can get which are related to specific professions or businesses.  For example, if you are a wedding planner, a photographer, a chiropractor, a musician, a real estate agent etc., there are themes available specifically related to your needs.

Along with themes you have the ability to add plugins and widgets.  These add to the functionality of your site.  It’s similar to adding apps to an iPhone.  For example, if you wanted to add a Continue reading

Why Use WordPress to Build Your Website?

Why Use WordPress to Build Your Website

It’s EASY to learn

With WordPress getting a web presence online is easier than it’s ever been.  You can build websites and blogs without being a coder, a graphic designer or a webmaster.  I’ve been designing my own websites since 1998 and I’ve used several different web design solutions.

WordPress is, by far, the easiest web design and blogging software that I’ve used.   It enables you to spend your time focusing on the content of your site instead of spending all your time learning how to build the site.

Unless you want to be a website developer or designer for a living you don’t want to spend months learning how to hand code or use expensive Web design software.  With WordPress you can make beautiful Websites and blogs without learning code or graphic design.  In fact, with the right WordPress tutorial you can have you first site up, running and looking great in about a day!

It’s FREE to Use!

The WordPress software is free that is.  You’ll still need to pay a small fee for website hosting and a domain name.  When you use the WordPress software that’s provided by you can use it free of charge to build any type of personal or commercial site.

Usually, when website design software or a service is free you are required to place ads on your site and this is the last thing that you want when you plan to use your site for commercial purposes; however, with the software there are “no strings attached”.  Compare this to Continue reading vs.

WordPress is a blogging and content management  software and yes, there are two types. is a blogging platform and your site would be hosted for free on the their servers.

With the software is still free, but your site is self-hosted with a paid hosting service such as  HostGator for example.

This information is very important because you don’t want to spend weeks or months building a blog or website on the wrong platform for your purposes.

Both are free to use and in functionality, both platforms are very similar, but there are some very important differences.

Here are my top 5 reasons for choosing to use for your online business

  1. You own it. You can do anything you want with it (assuming it’s legal of course).  With the .com version they own it.  Your site is on their servers.  They control what you can do with it and if they don’t like what you’ve done they can… Continue reading

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